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Dr Indu's Newborn & childcare Centre is an exclusive pediatric hospital in existence since 1993 We offer a complete range of health care facilities for children from birth to the age of 18 years. At our hospital the paths to excellence are many but personalized patient care remains at the core of our mission and is the hallmark of our history Our services include...

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what do patient's say about us

I conceived after 5 years of marriage and delivered a preterm baby weighing 1.2kg who was transferred to Dr Indu's Newborn And Childcare Centre immediately accompanied by Dr Suyog Phadke. My husband was informed that the baby has some severe kind of breathing problem because of prematurity and would require to be put on a Ventilator. We were extremely worried but were assured that full care and attention would be given to our baby. Furthermore, they always supported us and kept us updated about ....

Mrs. Shrivastava

I still remember that night vividly. I woke up to the crying of my 5 yr old son post mid-night. I could see that he was coughing and breathing heavily. My husband and I panicked and rushed him to Dr. Indu's hospital. The doctor examined our child, and told us that he needs to get admitted as he is breathless. He was immediately taken to the room, was started with the treatment. In the next few minutes, the on-call senior doctor Dr Vishal arrived, took a look at our child, explained to us patient....

Mr. and Mrs. Singh

My 7 yr old angel was suffering from high fever for 3-4 days with swelling and redness on her body. The doctors at Dr Indu's Nursing home examined her and told us that it could be Dengue fever which they confirmed on a blood test. We panicked as we had been reading in the newspapers about dengue spreading rampantly across the city, also claiming a couple of lives. Dr Shabnam explained to us the course of disease, its outcome and also the treatment that would be given to the child. We were told....

Mrs. Motwani

Consulted Dr. Indu Khosla for my child's asthma. The rate of the hospital is on par with other hospitals. With the ethical treatment, my son recovered and the number of days of stay were not extended. My experience with the nursing staff was very good as they were very compassionate and helpful. I must say the most trusted place when it comes to treating your child.

Mrs. Shagufta

Consulted Dr. Indu Khosla (Pediatrician) for New Born Care. Excellent experience.Solved all my queries regarding care of my baby. Would recommend to watch video on youtube - normal newborn care on their channel induchildcare - very informative.

Mrs. Sonia

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